At this point, with construction going on almost everywhere in Hampden, it's kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure book these days. And where you "can" and "can't" go is about to get even more limited.

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The traffic pattern around the Emerson Mill Road area, by I-95, is about to change...again.

According to the Maine Department of Transportation, Southbound traffic on the interstate in that area will shift to the 4th of 4 temporary diversion roads this coming Tuesday evening (October 26th.)

"Southbound traffic is expected to continue using these four diversion roads throughout the winter. Interstate speed limits will be reduced to 55 MPH on these four diversion roads for the duration of their use. We encourage drivers to drive carefully, observe signage, and obey speed limits while passing through work zones.

But that's not all.

According to the Town Of Hampden Facebook Page:

Essentially, like most bridge projects, this one will happen in stages.

Wednesday and Thursday, (October 27th & 28th) after the interstate shift will be the first closure, to cut the bridge deck.

The next week, starting on Monday, November 1st, there could be some night closures to the road, as needed. And those closures would run from 7 PM through the evening till 5 AM the next morning, at a time during which there's hopefully not a lot of traffic traveling in that area.

The entire "Hampden Bridge Bundle Project", which has a price tag of $44.8 Million MDOT says, will wrap up next November- if all goes as planned. When completed, the project will have rebuilt 8 bridges and rehabbed a ninth, all within a 5-mile section of the interstate around the Hampden area.

When it's all said and done, they will be much safer and more pleasant bridges upon which to travel. It's just going to take a little time and patience to get the work done.

So stay alert, and keep an eye out for the signs along the road.

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