What a smashing way to end 2020.

Lily Hevesh, an online personality from the Boston area known as Hevesh5, recently spent many hours  painstakingly assembling over 6000 dominoes into the year 2020, only to have it come toppling down into a heap of colorful plastic from the swing of a baseball bat. The video has been viewed almost 40,000 times since this past Saturday when it was posted.

And I, go to pieces and I want to hide
Go to pieces and I almost die - I Go To Pieces by Peter & Gordon

Hevesh5 has posted a bunch of other very creative and entertaining domino videos.  One, which took her 82 days and over 32,000 dominoes to create has been viewed well over 3,000,000 times.

There's something about watching thousands of dominoes tumble one after another for moments on end or be blasted into oblivion by the swing of a baseball bat.  One would have to ask someone like a professor over at the University of Maine what that "something" may be.

Take me down like I'm a domino - Domino by Jesse J.

Maybe it's the patience that it takes to watch dominoes slowly fall from one end of the room to the other. Or, maybe it's the instant gratification in watching them instantly be destroyed with one felling swoop.  Whatever it may be, it also seems like somewhat of a waste of time.  Time that could have been better spent watching The Price Is Right.

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