Recently, here in Maine, it's become quite a big deal with folks trying to wrestle with getting out for some exercise, and still practicing proper social distancing. It's led to Acadia being closed for the time being, beaches and trails being closed in different parts of the state. Yet, folks just won't stay away, even when told to do so.

The thing is, as a citizen you can't really do much of anything besides maybe alert the local authorities if people are in flagrant violation. You should never take the law into your own hands. But this one mayor in Italy had enough and decided he was going to do something about it.

If you speak Italian, this video is chock full of swear words, and they're edited in the subtitles in the video, but there's some pretty dicey language. But Mayor Cateno De Luca of Messina has started flying drones with a recording of his voice, screaming obscenities at them, telling them to.... "go the !@#$ home.... Check out the video:

Honestly, this guy is my spirit animal right now, and I'm sure for tons of other people as well. I have to say, that as amazed as I am at how people really seem to be doing a good job sucking it up and staying home to flatten the curve, there's the ones out there ruining it for everyone else. Shame on you! Haha...

While I know this wouldn't fly (no pun intended) around these parts, I feel like the good mayor is saying all the things we want to, but don't. So, take a moment out of your day to sit back and have a chuckle. Especially when you see the people freaking out about being yelled at by a drone. Sit back, relax, and have a laugh.

And stay home!!!

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