Here's some great footage shot a couple of days ago of the U.S. Coast Guard breaking up the ice on the Penobscot by Interstate 395.

We always thank our military boys and girls in blue for keeping the Penobscot River flowing this time of year.  The footage of the ice breaker BRIDLE and her crew was taken this past Friday, December 27th, while the ice was anywhere from one to five inches thick, according to the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Bridle's Facebook post.

Take a ride aboard and just listen as the ice collides with the cutter's metal bow.

You'll find the BRIDLE based in Southwest Harbor anywhere between Rockland and Jonesport, inspecting nautical navigational aids, participating in different types of crew training, helping those in dire need on the water, and of course ice breaking.

The Coast Guard breaks up the ice to keep the river flowing, thus preventing inland flooding, and to keep ports open for varying types of nautical travel.

Job well done!

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