Squirrels, they are everywhere, dead, alive, running sitting and looking for their next meal.  Now personally I feed the little scamps and when I buy a pumpkin to put out for decoration I also have in mind that they will forage the thing for seed.  Heck sometimes I even cut a starter hole to make it easier…but that is me.

I know too that lots of people who pop pumpkins onto the front step do not wish to share them until after Halloween. And this year due to the overpopulation, you are bombarded with knowing about on social media, the odds of having your pumpkin snacked upon is more likely than ever.  Good news is if that would annoy you there is no need for violence to remedy the problem. A lovely little community blog in Ohio has shared several ways to deter our little friends without bloodshed.

  1. Stinky is good (kinda):  There are commercial repellents with large amounts of "putrescent whole egg solids." This is, essentially, rotten eggs. Squirrels typically hate the smell of rotten eggs. You won’t want to dab it behind your ears and they won’t want to eat it.
  2. News Flash Squirrels Don’t Like Your Dog: Right? So simply nestle your prize pumpkin on a blanket of dog hair. P.S. they don’t like your cat either so Mr Whiskers fur will have the same effect.
  3. Finally Your Nana Was Right Vicks Fixes Everything: According to Rybeck, slather that orange beauty in a nice thick coat of petroleum jelly or a vapor rub. One coating of the jelly can last for weeks and it also keeps it from spoiling as fast so it is a win win.

So enjoy fall and let the birds, squirrels, chipmunks and all the other hungry little ones go back to the bird feeder.  Happy Fall.

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