Boy, we sure opened a can of worms today! We posed the question online, and during the I-95 Morning Show, is Bruce Willis's iconic movie 'Die Hard' a Christmas movie? For you, is it a HoHoHo, or a NoNoNo?

Die Hard Ho

JStew: While I'm absolutely willing to jump on the bandwagon that Die Hard could be considered a Christmas movie, I don't have a dog in this fight as big as Cori's. I'm pretty sure Cori is almost ready to fist fight over whether or not this counts. Me? At this point, I'm ready to just eat popcorn and watch everyone else argue it out. Ha!

Cori: I actually wrote an article about this once, and here are my arguments for why Die Hard IS a Christmas movie! (Disclaimer: I actually gave birth to my son, on Christmas Eve, while watching Die Hard, so I get pretty worked up about this topis--JStew is right!)

Every year people go through their favorite holiday movie lists, and inevitably its all the same; "It's A Wonderful Life," "Elf," "The Grinch," "Rudolph," "Frosty The Snowman," "Miracle on 34th Street," "Home Alone," etc. But the one movie that gets left off the list, all too often, in my opinion is my favorite holiday movie, "Die Hard!"

And usually when I mention that to people, they look at me like I have five heads, and feel the need to tell me that there is no way "Die Hard" is a holiday movie. Well, I am here to make the argument that it most certainly is.

Point #1: The entire movie takes place at a company Christmas party -- albeit it's pretty much the worst company Christmas party in history, but it's still the holiday season! Decorations, Christmas music, and even the utterance of the traditional "Ho Ho Ho" can be seen and heard all throughout the movie.

Point #2: Compare it to the plot of a couple of other undeniable holiday favorites, and I ask you show me the difference. Take "Home Alone" and "The Grinch," for instance. The plot to both of those movies involved unhappy crooks trying to rob innocent holiday revelers of their belongings, only to be foiled by either a cute kid, or an inventive hero (in the case of "Home Alone," Kevin is both!) Bruce Willis's John McClane is the definition of inventive hero in this movie, and Alan Rickman's Hans Gruber is definitely an unhappy crook, especially by the end of the movie.

Point #3: Christmas ornaments are used to save the day in all three movies! Kevin sets traps for Harry and Marv using Christmas tree decorations in "Home Alone." A rogue ornament that pops off the tree wakes Cindy-Lou Who and busts the Grinch. And John McClane used holiday packing tape to strap a hidden gun to his back so [SPOILER AHEAD] he can shoot the bad guys at the end of "Die Hard!"

Nothing gets me in to the holiday spirit more than the dad from "Family Matters" walking Bruce Willis through how to escape Alan Rickman's squad of Euro-disco machine-gun toting bad guys, and seeing things blow up. Merry Christmas!

A lot of the answers had us howling. And, here's link to the original Facebook post so you can scope the awesome memes! Let's just dive right into the onslaught of answers, shall we?

Christine Thibodeau 100% a Christmas movie!!
Nathan Orr Ho Ho Ho!
Wendi B. Knowles 100% NOT a Christmas movie. Just like that stupid song about an affair isn't a Christmas song (brain cramp can't remember the name) just because it happens on Christmas, in no way makes it a Christmas movie. Imo
Greg Miller Of course it is
Cheryl McManus It is a Christmas movie, takes place at Christmas time, he went to spend the holiday with his family.
Bobbie Lindsey I have never thought of it as a Christmas movie. It was released in July. I remember seeing it in the theater like it was yesterday. Not once until recent years had I heard people refer to it as a Christmas movie.
Sheldon Ka'Voch Eugene Strout Jr. Yes, for it takes place at Christmas time his wife's boss is holding a Christmas party at Nakatomi Plaza. The director says so as well...
Joe Holton Ho Ho Ho it is a Christmas movie. It takes place on Christmas Eve
Jennifer Roy Yes
Alan McLaughlin Not a Christmas movie...yet not sure why we have to debate this every year.
Brad Rice Yes
Lisa Mishou No
Chris M. Mann There are two different categories for Christmas movies.
1 a movie that happens around or on Christmas i.e. Die Hard, Batman Returns, Home Alone2 traditional Christmas movies I.e. Santa Claus is coming to town, Year without a Santa, Rudolph the red nose reindeer.
Rob Irwin I'm split 50/50... Yes it happens around Christmas, otherwise for it to be a "true" Christmas movie it has to have a Christmas theme and be released at least 2 weeks before Christmas.
Kim Damboise No
David Baker It's not Christmas until Hans Gruber falls off Nakatomi Plaza!!!
Christopher Day Definitely!
Kelly Mahar The director said it's a Christmas movie, and I have always agreed
Alton Morrill No
Bob Hatch No, no, no!
Steve Ginn Oh yes, no doubt.
Kari Jo Davis YAAAASS!
H Goodine Sort of a Christmas movie, like Gremlins...
Jeremy Pelkey Is this even a conversation??? It’s absolutely a Christmas Movie. Duh
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