JStew: I saw this cap sitting on the counter top the other day, I knew it was a perfect candidate What's This Wednesday post. Mostly because when I looked over at it in my own house, I couldn't figure out for the life of me what the heck it was. Not until I flipped it over, did it become clear that it was just the cap to her water bottle.

It's one of those ones where the top pops up and you drink out of it. that way it doesn't spill all over the car when we're cruising down the back roads at a million miles an hour. We like to do power slides, and all that.

Not really, but I sounded cool for a second, right?!

Cori: I'll be honest, I thought it was a super cool looking thing...but I had no idea what it was. And I figured if I didn't have a clue, it was going to be a good picture for people to guess on!

I like, now that we're not beholden to taking photos of things that are only in our offices, that we have a little more freedom yo play around a bit with these. It's fun.

And speaking of fun...your guesses kept us amused for quite a while!

Stephen Casey Lid off a mustard squeeze bottle
Theresa Wilson The underside of a citrus juicer
Steven Powers pad, table or chair leg
Paul L. Lizotte III Gas cap
Chelsea Lyn Rancourt Cap to a purée pouch
Thomas Brown Water filter
Mary Klein Drouin Bottom of a tap
Mike Avery Jr. Bottom of a bird feeder
Jeffrey Schloer Button piece
A couple of you thought medicine bottle cap...
Gerri Elderkin Medicine bottle cover.?
Neal Heinrich Medicine container top
A couple of you thought it was a blender cap...
Ellie Elizabeth Shute A blender
Lisa Hastings Base of a blender, upside down
A couple of you thought it might be part of a pepper grinder...
Connie Springer-Tracy Bottom of cracked pepper grinder.
Sandra Lyn I was thinking bottom of a grinder too but Connie beat me to it
A few of you thought it was something you'd use on the lawn...
Keri Whitney The spool to a weed whacker string
Donna Harleygirl Laing Weed wacker spool
Alton Morrill Weed whacker spool
Our favorite guesses of the morning:
Paul Keezer Easy....from the band...Men at work...its the inside of their hats....
Scott Tucker Dang that’s a good one. I see how it comes apart but no clue what it is. It’s gotta be a hose attachment of some sort.
Brad Rice Thats a Do Hicky, thingy thing
But our "Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner" for this week...
Gregory Gray Beverage bottle top from the inside...Like a sport bottle with squirt top.
WTW 8-5-2020 Answer 2
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