It's become an all too familiar scenario lately; folks filming anything and everything on their cell phone cameras and then posting it on social media.

And there's no limit or boundary as to what folks will film these days.

In most cases, to get this video, drivers take their attention off the roadway, putting themselves and others at risk, all for a few seconds or minutes of video--that will probably be blurry anyway!

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When it comes to crash scenes, the Westbrook Police Department has had just about enough and took to Facebook this week to put into perspective just how unimpressed they are with this trend.

Calling out those who passed by and took pictures the post stated that one officer sitting at an accident scene this morning, counted at least a dozen such incidents...

Citing this behavior as a definite violation of Maine's "Hands-Free" law, the post went on to paint what is not doubt probably a pretty realistic description of who would be willing to do such a thing.

"Your Instagram has 3 followers, Larry, and they're your parents and the family dog. Linda, your TikTok dance moves are atrocious and unwatchable. You will not become a social media superstar by filming a crash scene in Westbrook, Maine at 8:30 am on a Friday. Knock it off..."

I'd like to go even a step further, and ask this question (because people seem to have forgotten to take a moment and contemplate this in their minds):

How would you like it if the tables were turned, and you were the one being filmed, instead of doing the filming? What if it was your family member or friend involved?

So many people, aside from forgetting the risks of distracted driving--even when there's a crash right in front of them, also forget the concept of common decency.

Thank you, Westbrook PD, for calling a spade a spade. And Linda, your TikTok dance moves really are atrocious. Just stop.

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