We're coming up on summer soon enough. It may not literally feel like it today, but considering the first day of Spring is only about six weeks away, a lot of folks are starting to feel a bit of cabin fever. As such, a lot of people start planning their vacations.

Families not looking to travel as far may choose to drive to where they're headed so they can save a few bucks, which is a solid plan. But in this day and age of cell phones, road rage, and overall distracted driving, it seems like the roads are getting more dangerous all the time.

Recently, a fleet management business called Geotab, decided to figure out the deadliest highway in each state, by collating data the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Then, using all this data, they managed to create an interactive map, showing all these dangerous roads.

Surprisingly, the deadliest highway in Maine is good, old US Route 1. This caught me off guard a bit because I feel like I hear about accidents on I-95 all the time. But... those aren't always fatal accidents. Whereas, US Route 1 has an average of 10 deaths a year.

Kind of a sobering thought. But think about it.... Route 1 is crazy at times. Especially in the stretch between Boothbay and Camden. And that section in southern Maine? Forget it. It's a parking lot half the time, but folks get in accidents constantly for a bunch of the reasons I listed above.

Really... Make yourself and others safer. Put the phone down, chill out, rest... whatever you have to do. But maybe with a little work, we as residents can help get that number down. After all, who wants to be known as the deadliest anything in any state?

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