With the cancellation of this year's Blue Hill Fair, an event that typically rounds out Summer Fair Season in Eastern Maine, it seems like almost every major event that makes Summer in Maine such a special time is not going to take place this year. Although we understand the reasoning behind these decisions--decisions that are ultimately being made in an attempt to keep people safe in a Covid-19 climate, it still sucks.

What are you going to miss most about this summer in Maine?

Cori: I know in my family, we're going to miss pools being open. The kids love to swim! They're going to miss the Bangor State Fair and the Blue Hill Fair, too. Those are benchmarks for our summer that we've come to look forward to.

JStew: The Moxie Festival was a big hit for me. As is the 4th of July. I look forward to the fireworks every year. And for the love of God... I need a big loud Rock Show before my brain shrivels from lack of proper sound pressure levels. In other words, I need an ear-splitting rock show of mammoth proportions!!!

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