What's This Wednesday, post-election edition.... This strange photo came from the home of JStew today. Maybe that's a clue on it's own, maybe not. But either way, it got a few people thinking.....But, it's one of my cymbals!

WTW Reveal

JStew: Obviously, I know what it is, because I took the picture. and one person even got it right away. In fact, they got it so fast, I temporarily hid their answer so as to not ruin it immediately, hahaha. But, it did take folks a few tries to get it. I'm not even 100% sure Cori knew exactly what it was, but likely could surmise it based on my lifestyle. But I still enjoyed reading the guesses!

Cori: I had a hunch what it might have been, mostly because I know JStew pretty much lives in his drum studio, when he's not at work in the radio studio. (See how fitting the name JStew really is!?!) I thought it was likely something drum related...and since it was shiny looking, and I'm practically a racoon when it comes to shiny things sometimes, I thought it was perfect. But I guess you thought it was a little trickier than that. We only had a few guesses!

And here's what you thought it might be.....

Aisling Doucette Bottom of an iron.
Greg Miller Colander
Paul Keezer A Holy Can that was found in the Garden of Eden....
And the correct answer "award" goes to:
Scott Tucker: That’s a cymbal. One of them fancy ones with the holes in it. Back in my day that’s how we knew it was worn out. Crazy kids with their cymbal holes.
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