JStew: I ran around the house yesterday, trying to help find a new photo for
WTW. Cori and I swapped a few photos, but hadn't struck gold yet. We have a commitment to trying to find photos that aren't too obvious. This time I think we nailed it. Half the time folks guess it almost right out of the gate.

And we did get a correct response pretty quickly, but figure we'd let it go and see how other people did. And it was nice to see a bunch of wrong guesses too, hahaha. It means we're doing our job right.

Cori: When we decided to open the contest up to photos from places outside our studios (mostly because we're running out of stuff to take pictures of!) I got really excited. I went around the house snapping shots of stuff I thought would stump people. And every time I sent shots to JStew, he'd come right back with the correct guess. When he finally responded with a clue of his own, I was the one who ended up stumped! I had NO idea what the heck this thing was. Not.A.Clue!

I was glad to see I wasn't alone in not knowing. Although I am impressed by some of the clever guesses you came up with this week:

John W. Everett  Mixer attachment
Daryl Friedman Bottom of an older roller ball mouse.
Lisa Hastings The center of the blades in a portable fan
Keri Whitney The underside of a knob...like a volume knob
A few of you thought it might be something you listen to the radio with...
Becky Rossi speaker
Robert O Arey Ear bud
Sarah Diecidue Headphone foams removed?
Mary Klein Drouin Inside of speaker
Susan Kesaris Blown speaker.
A few of you thought it looked very much like something out of  your bathroom...
Andrew Corey Lavoie Drain hole for a pooper
Larry DeWitt flange for the floor for a toilet.
Lav Z Li Toilet flange
James Naaykens Jr Toilet flange
But one of you hit the "head" right on the nail...or in this case, the toothbrush...
HS Hall The bottom of a toothbrush head, possibly a sonicare...
Jason Stewart
Well done!
See you back here next week for our next round of What's This Wednesday!
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