'What's This Wednesday' has descended upon us again, and we always want to know if you can guess.......so, what was it?

JStew: I sent this to Cori yesterday morning, figuring it was the perfect mix of it looking familiar, and having absolutely no clue what it was. And sure enough, I nailed it! Although, as I was glancing through some of the Facebook submissions, I noticed there were a couple right answers. Which I was simultaneously excited about, and bummed I didn't stump more people.

Cori: I thought, right out of the gate, that it was a wreath hanger. But when I read through the guesses as they came in, I could totally see where the folks who were answering "money clip" and "tablecloth holder" were coming from. It was so simple, yet tricky. I would argue that since I have never had a garage door remote in my life, I might have been at a slight disadvantage here, but it doesn't matter. Good guesses this week.

Gotta say though, if you thought you were gonna put money in this, you're gonna need a fat stack to fill this hook for my old broken garage door opener. Hahaha.

Photo JStew
Photo JStew

Right or wrong, here are your spot on, if not creative guesses.

Lindsey Adams Tablecloth holder
Nathaniel DeRoche Clip for a garage door opener
Dennis Bean A christmas stocking holder. It also looks like my old money clip!....completely empty!!!!!!
Rob Irwin Garage door opener clip.... Never understood what the holes are for though.
Theisa Arnold It is a tablecloth holder
Alex Demers Clip for garage door opener
Sandra Lyn It looks like a brace for your finger if ya hurt it?  I hope yall know what I mean.
Laurel Tara Doughty It’s the clip that goes to the garage door opener just took mine off
No photo description available.
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