This week's "What's This Wednesday" was certainly an odd one. We thought it might be much harder than last week, but it seems to be the opposite case. Such is life in the world of WTW....

What's This Wednesday Clue: Cori Skall
What's This Wednesday Clue: Cori Skall

JStew: Cori and I often send each other photos back and forth, trying to come up with good ones. Today's, and last week's got batted around at the same time. Ironically, I think we thought last week's might be a little easier, and that this was the tougher of the two. Nope! Pretty much the opposite of what happened. But alas, we were still thrilled to see the wrong/absurd answers, and kinda stunned at the number of people who nailed it. But hey.... it's just for bragging rights anyway, so....

Cori: How did you get this?! How?! I thought for sure I had a stumper with this one, but no....I do have to say the the guesses which were not correct were awesome. Paul, coming through with another hilarious offering of the "Fake Eye Lash of Lady Gaga!" Love it! But knew exactly what it was and from where I got it even! (I'm looking at you, Rachael Larrabee!)

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Some of the answers this week were absolutely hilarious. Some were spot on. Let's have a peek down below to see what you thought it was.

Nancy Neu Food cutting board for potatoes

Paul KeezeFake Eye Lashes of Lady Gaga...
Becki Scarce Some type of grater?
Brad Rice Fish Scaler
Liz Liz Pie dough
Dirk Mansell How about a toilet seat lid!!

Sandra Lyn Cheese grater
And the winners (of this week's bragging rights) are...
Robert Kaye The belly of a decorative owl
Mary Sapiel The wing of a wooden bird
Lin Briggs Wooden cut out of a owl
Rachael Larrabee @Lin Briggs from dollllah tree!
What's This Wednesday Answer: A wooden owl cut out. Cori Skall
What's This Wednesday Answer: A wooden owl cut out. Cori Skall


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