A recent study says your favorite music/song gets you going in the morning better than just about anything else. So, what would your wake up song be?

JStew: Hmmmmm.... favorite song to get me going in the morning. I suppose for everyone it could change day to day. In general, there's a great song by a band barely anybody ever heard of called Failure. They have a great track called "Smoking Umbrellas" that is enough to get me moving. If I picked a classic rock song out of our catalog that would get me going, I think I'd pick "Black Betty" by Ram Jam. Yes, they have the stupidest band name of all time, but that song straight up rocks my face off. In fact, check out the video. The backup singer who only jumps around and throws punches into the air is worth watching every time. Not to mention it's filmed in someone's front yard. Probably the singer's Mom's house.....

Cori: Oh there are so many! Immigrant Song or Black Dog from Zeppelin both get my blood pumping. Fat Bottom Girls from Queen, Barracuda from Heart, Burden In My Hand from Soundgarden, Personal Jesus from Depeche Mode, Sabotage from the Beastie Boys to name a few. Put any of those on and I'll jump right out of bed like the house is on fire!

Your choices are great, and we can't wait to try these as our own musical cups of coffee to see what works.

Doug Springer The Spirit of Radio! Of course!

Debbie Callahan-Sepper I'm with Doug. Anything by Rush.
Nikki Johnson I do wake up to the radio and have to say I like it when anything Zep is playing.
Greg Miller Waylon Jennings "ain't living long like this"
Chris Sockalexis My favorite morning albums to wake up to ... Obituary-Slowly We Rot, Killer Be Killed-Reluctant Hero or any album by Motorhead.
Kate Boyington Getting kids ready for school to "Welcome To The Jungle" is everything. Also Walk This Way by Aerosmith really wakes ya up.
Wayne Mitchell Anything from AC/DC
Ricci Mine would be Fat Bottom Girls
Herb Ayer Comfortably numb........
Doug Fogg You won't be surprised...Partridge Family theme song, "C'mon Get Happy!"
Thom Osborne “My Old School” by Steely Dan, and the last minute-and-a-half of “Heavy Things” by Phish
Kelley MacDonald Katrina and the Waves Walking on Sunshine
Kari Jo Davis I could yammer on here.  I'll just give you a quick few. John Mellencamp, Eddie Money, Little Feat, Elvis, Joe Cocker,Waylon Jennings, and Bob Segar. I know this is all over the place, but, heck it! You never know what mood you're going to be in.
Sandra Lyn The Monkees "Pleasant Valley Sunday" gets me hopping in the morning. I turn my CD player up and get ready for the day.
Christine Delano My screaming children
Gene Hatch Kansas wayward son, Comfortably numb is good after the wake n bake.
Victoria Nickerson A new level by  Pantera
Kayleen Ann-Bear Ireland Journey "Wheel in the Sky"

Estin Harriman Any live skynyrd song but especially freebird
Anthony Parks Sad but true
Steve Garrison The Doors, LA Woman
Caller C&C Music Factory, Gonna Make You Sweat
Megan Peloquin Let the bodies hit the FLOOOOOOOOOOR
Gregory Allen Loving every minute of it by Loverboy
T-Hunter Kickstart my heart by Motley Crue always gets me going in the morning
Wendy Ozzy
George from Waldo It's gotta be something that kicks my ass, like Cult of Personality!
Jim Jock Jams!
Caller 2 "Bumpin Uglies" from Spooky Daly Pride

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