For any fan of the Beatles it would have been a dream come true, bumping into this rock icon and his wife right here in the Pine Tree State.

Imagine, causally strolling the sidewalks of Cottage Street in Bar Harbor one late afternoon, or maybe browsing the shops along Main Street in Camden on some Saturday, and then luckily enough, seeing John Lennon and Yoko Ono stroll by.  What a trip that would have been!

A few years ago, Yoko Ono was interviewed by Portland Monthly, and she was asked "How many times have you been to Maine before?"

I believe a couple of times, but just once with John. We were driving the coast, so to speak, I think maybe in a station wagon. He fell in love with wherever we went, and now he’d fallen in love with Maine. We talked excitedly in the car. We were looking for a house on the water”, Yoko replied.

Wow.  You really have to wonder exactly where they were.

Yoko went on to say, "We did examine the place! We kept driving north along the water until I don’t really remember the name of the town. We went quite a ways up, actually, because it was so beautiful."

Maybe they did make it to Bar Harbor.  Maybe the man responsible for the greatest rock band in the world and his wife just drove up Main Street in Ellsworth like any tourists would, and then took a right onto High Street on their way to Eden, without anyone having a clue.

Just imagine. Goo goo g'joob.


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