The pandemic has brought back the love of family traditions.

There's a lot about 2021 that's been quite a bit better than 2020, and then in other ways, it has almost been downright worse. This whole "getting back to normal" thing is like recovering from a vasectomy. Just a bumpy ride of awkwardness that almost feels normal, but is far from it.

However, one concept that's made the last couple of years easier to bear. It seems folks of all persuasions have all enjoyed getting back to some old traditions to make ourselves feel better. Remember a few years ago when you almost dreaded Christmas? These days people have been finding ways to leave the tree up year-round.

Family Christmas traditions are the best...

Christmas, for the most part, brings out the best in people. Of course, not all people, but that's irrelevant to my point. And as I was saying earlier, the pandemic has made family traditions come to the forefront. So the real capper to the whole thing is simple: We need a white Christmas around these parts, and we might just get it.

Recently, we implied that a white Christmas might be hard to come by. But the 10-day forecast I'm looking at, shows two decent chances for us to get some snow on the ground for Christmas. It's not like we need a three-foot blizzard to get in the holiday spirit, just a few solid inches to look pretty while we open presents.

Next week will be key.

Our first chance arrives on Tuesday the 18th. There's a 60% chance right now, that we could get 1-3 inches of snow. Then again on the 21st, there's a solid chance we could see 2-6 inches Tuesday into Wednesday. Of course, nothing is remotely set in stone because this is Maine, and weather-wise, we all know Maine lost a bet with God.

Predicting the weather in Maine is a futile endeavor that I wouldn't wish on anyone. But hey... I'm willing to hedge a few bets that it just might work out for us between now and Christmas. A white Christmas isn't really much to ask for, but Mother Nature does what she wants. So cross your fingers, and start dreaming of a white Christmas.

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