From Machiasport to Stonington to Millinocket and everywhere in between, The Downeast Cowboy is flying his drone and taking some very cool video footage!

Kelly Hinkle of Addison and James Hubisz, his video partner, are quickly becoming very popular on Facebook, and their videos are being viewed and shared all over the world.  There's the one where the drone flies under the Columbia Falls Bridge and then the Cherryfield Bridge, the one that makes a Water Tower look almost beautiful, the one of the Wind Turbines,  and the one of the Old Radar Base once used by the U.S. Air Force just north of Columbia Falls.  Cowboy's videos are racking up thousands of views, and for good reason.

What's the driving force behind The Downeast Cowboy's efforts? Kelly enjoys "showing off our backyard" to people all over the world. He especially likes hearing from homesick Mainers that are stranded out-of-state for one reason or another, thanking him for providing a "little piece of heaven" via Facebook or You Tube.

When they're not flying drones, Kelly works for Wreaths Across America, harvests seaweed, and is generally self-employed.  James works for Wyman's of Maine in Cherryfield.

So what are some of the Downeast Cowboy's most favorite videos that he and his partner have produced?  He was quick to say "Hammer Down", in which one of his fishing buddies showed exactly what his boat could do in the harbor.

Another favorite of his is "Tidal Falls", shot by his video partner James.  It shows one of nature's wonders, the very picturesque reversing falls located between Hancock and Sullivan.

So how does one get pegged as the "Downeast Cowboy?"  Well Kelly said that when he was in college he was explaining what Downeast Maine was all about to a fellow student, and that the guy just shook his head and said, "And I bet you drive a pick-up truck too."  Kelly replied, "I do."  His friend than said, "Well you're just a redneck from Downeast", and Kelly then replied, "Yeah, I'm just some kind of cowboy."  So, there you go.

What's the biggest fear of someone who flies drones?  Having your battery get weak during a flight, especially over water!  So far Kelly has been right on the ball and hasn't had to swim out to retrieve his $500 play toy.

We can't wait for more great videos by this pair of Washington County boys!



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