My favorite TV show on Earth is M*A*S*H

I bring this up because there was something I always found interesting about the way they portrayed the end of the Korean War. As they told it, peace was declared, but not until a very specific hour. Fierce fighting continued right up until the very last second. Then....silence. But, literally not until that very last second.

The same is happening right here in Maine. There's been a very, maybe even unbelievably, expensive war going on over the CMP corridor. Most folks assumed that construction would halt the second the results were announced. But, that kind of thing only happens on TV. Nothing is ever that simple.

So why are they still working on the corridor if it was voted out?

Simple. According to WGME, A) This will be tied up in the courts for god knows how long. B) The passage of this referendum has not yet been ratified. In other words, it's not remotely "official" yet. In Maine, a law doesn't pass until 90 days after the end of the legislative session in which it was passed. So it's going to be a minute...

It doesn't really matter how you voted on this issue. Since both the opposing sides aren't exactly getting what they want, it's going to be a tense waiting game. The courts are ultimately going to decide when the work stops. The state legislature could vote on the issue and pass it a bit earlier, but we'll see if that happens. Don't hold your breath.

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