I don’t know about you but I know so many people home schooling their kids for various reasons. So I am pleased to see that the State might recognize their value with some support.

The Associated Press reported: Legislators are considering a bill to give parents state money they can use for their children's education outside of the public school system. Republican Rep. Jeffrey Hanley and bill is set for a public hearing Monday.

Should this bill be approved the Treasurer of State would direct 90 percent of a state subsidy for a child's education into a savings account.  Then a child's parent or legal guardian could use that money for tuition, textbooks and transportation for private school, distance learning programs and any accredited educational tutor.

The bill's co-sponsors include Republican Senate President Michael Thibodeau.

This year, legislators in Iowa proposed similar education savings accounts.

Right now the Maine Department of Education says this about financial assistance for those who choose to homeschool.

Is there a fee to homeschool in Maine?
There is no fee charged. However, parents bear the responsibility for all costs.

 What instructional materials are provided to homeschooling students by the local school?
The local school may provide textbooks as long as extra copies are available. The local school is not required to provide additional instructional materials such as workbooks, lesson plans, computers, etc.

Are homeschoolers eligible to receive laptops through the Maine Learning Technology Initiative?
No, this program is not available to homeschooled students.

So tell us what you think.

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