Who doesn't love a good yard sale?! And for kids, yard sales are just the most amazing places! You can go to a yard sale with $2 in your pocket, and leave with so many things!

This weekend, there were a couple of yards sales taking place up the street from my house. I was impressed that these neighbors had taken the time to get disposable masks for folks who wanted to take their time perusing the tables up close.

My kids had a few dollars in their piggy banks, and wanted to take a walk up. So we did. They each found some cool treasures that they were really proud of! Some of their finds were cool, some not so much.

My daughter Grace found this cool ring...

She also got this sweet bear...

My daughter Mary found these rad earrings...

...and this wicked neat necklace.

My son, Noah, scored these baseball cards...

But then my youngest, Bridget, came home with this little thing...

Now, at first glance, this looks like an adorable little pink dog, right? She brought it home and flipped it over, noticing there was a place to put in some batteries. So, naturally, she asked if I could help her with that. She's 4, and adorable, so of course I said yes. I now regret being helpful...mostly because this thing, with the batteries in, is nothing short of terrifying.

Let's put it this way--our dog immediately started to spazz out! I mean, he wanted to attack this thing and kill it! And he's typically a pretty chill dog.

Don't believe me, check this out.

So, let this be a lesson to you; buyer beware. Maybe things that come without batteries should stay without batteries. Maybe there's a reason the batteries aren't in there? There's definitely a reason why it was in a yard sale!

I'm so screwed.

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