Getting good sleep is important to so many aspects of our health and new research has shown that changing your dream could be as easy as changing your position.

The Daily Mail recently reported several sleep studies.

These studies imply that if you find yourself waking up, covered in sweat after having a terrifying nightmare? It could all be down to the position you choose to sleep in.

Here is the break down as cited by Van Winkle:

  • People who sleep on their left side are more at risk of nightmares. 40 per cent of people who slept on their left side admit to having disturbing dreams and nightmares.
  • Those who sleep on their right have better quality sleep with a greater feeling of safety with only 14.6 percent of those who choose to sleep on their right side having disturbing dreams.
  • Those who sleep on their fronts are the ones who reported the best kind of dreams.  Front-sleepers reported feeling sensations related to ‘sex’ and ‘persecution’ more frequently than anyone else.

So if your dreams are waking you up may I suggest rolling over. J

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