In a recent episode of the Hidden Brain Podcast, an interview with Wendy Wood, Provost Professor at the University of California, uncovered many ways to rethink how we can make those New Years resolutions we've decided to commit to, actually be a part of our lives, like, ways to hack our behavior to stick to new behaviors.

Maybe we want to be healthier and commit to creating a body that we are proud of.  One of your options is to go to a gym.  Here in the Bangor area, there are many gyms to choose from, out of the city- not so much, though.

If you are looking to consider a gym to help out your personal fitness goals, one piece of information from the podcast could help you in the decision-making process.  One piece of information Professor Wood disclosed was that if someone had to drive 5 miles to the gym they would likely commit to the new challenge for less than time than if they only had to drive 3 miles to the gym.

So, if you are looking to make a stronger commitment, it would be advantageous of you to look for one where you don't have to travel too far- maybe a few miles.

Better yet, is there one where you can do training from home?  Lot's of local gyms and personal trainers have altered their businesses during the pandemic to include virtual classes, which may be better for your weight loss goals anyway, according to this data.  And, I'm sure gyms would be down with more committed patrons rather than those testing the waters who start up a membership in January then cancel it by March.

Don't know where to start?  Take a look at the specially made Google map below which includes gyms in the Bangor area and a bit beyond.


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