Run down to the corner of the cellar and dig out that box of old Playboys that you have stashed away, Miss May 2006 is coming to town!

Hottie Alison Waite will make an appearance this Saturday night at Hollywood Casino Bangor!  The "Meet & Greet" begins at 7 p.m, dust off that old Playboy and have her sign it!  Hollywood Casino is calling the event, "Make A Date With A Playmate"!

She worked her way through school as a waitress at Hooters. But, don't think that you're going to pull one over on her, Alison who was schooled in San Diego has a master's degree!

And, watch what you say, because you know those Playmates have big ears.....among other things.

Alison's appeared on "The Girl's Next Door" and "Kendra".

Do you really need more photos of Alison?  Well, if you insist ... check out her official website!

And here's J. Geils "Centerfold," just because ...