First off, we’re not going to call this Maine's Hottest TV Newsman because it was soooo scandalous last time. Instead, we've decided to call this Maine's Studliest TV Newsman. 

Sorry all you "TV news insiders."  Please try not to be too outraged (although we have a feeling you won't be.)

Okay, now that you know who is Maine's "favorite" TV newswoman, it's the guys' turn.

Each of these eight TV newsmen is concise in his delivery and fearless in the field. Each is groovier than Ron Burgundy and more respected than Edward R. Murrow. Their chins are chiseled and their hair is perfect, but we probably should stop now before we objectify these talented and trusted journalists.

Anyways, it took almost all of the vast resources (i.e. our one intern) but our team of experts combed through hours of footage to bring you the eight most dashing newsmen in the state.*

You can vote below for your favorite (or favorites) as many times as you like! But before you do, please remember this isn't about how good they look in a suit behind the anchor desk (most are wearing shorts). It's not about how they brave the cold winter mornings without hats (bad for hair) just to show us how deep the snow is!

Well, we guess it can be about whatever you want.

P.S. You can write in your own favorite newsman, too!

Here they are (in alphabetical order):

*Note: The poll was created with publicly available (and/or submitted) images of the news personalities. Their inclusion in the poll does not necessarily mean personalities themselves or their news stations condoned the poll. 

*Another note: We'll keep the poll open until midnight on Tuesday, July 23.

  • Keith Carson


    Weather guys are newsmen, too! Right? Well ,we hardly knew ye, young Keith Carson, (and we hardly recognized you without the specs.) Keith started at the WCSH 6 in Porltand in 2010 and now he's off to the Weather Channel. Congratulations, Keith! Have fun in Atlanta! StormCenter won't be the same without you!  Maybe WCSH can dig up that McLovin guy to take your place.

  • Craig Colson


    Craig Colson. What can we say? Currently the news director for WVII-TV in Bangor, Craig (son of the legendary Don Colson) brings an unparalleled news pedigree to the Bangor station. Before his current gig, he was news director here at Townsquare Media and before that an anchor on WABI-TV. When Craig tells us that the sky is falling, or that the pizza delivery guy is here, we believe it!

  • Chris Facchini


    Here's a photo of WLBZ anchor Chris Facchini asking us not to include him in this poll. (Not really. It's from WLBZ's hilarious Halloween promo.) Our knight in shining armor, Facchini wins a spot on our list for being so darn gallant in coming to the defense of his coworkers whom he thought were wronged by our previous poll.  Plus, we hear Chris likes to ride his bicycle to work in the mornings! Fit and chivalrous! What a combo! Not to mention that our Grammy is his biggest fan. Watch the mail for cookies, Chris!

  • Clay Gordon


    Cool shades, Clay! He's the hip new guy over at WVII-7. Tall, dark and handsome, Clay anchors the 7 a.m. news with the equally cool Nicole Gerber for the ABC and Fox affiliate. He's an avid hockey fan (Hip check, anyone?) and a firefighter for the town of Holden. We see a calendar somewhere in the near future. Hopefully we didn't say anything wrong, 'cause we know he can kick our asses.

  • Wayne Harvey


    Everybody likes Wayne Harvey. Not only does he climb mountains and stuff, but he also hosts his annual wiffle ball tournament to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation. Shortly after this picture was taken, Wayne ripped off his clothes to reveal tights and a cape and then quickly flew away. As co-anchor of the WABI Morning News, he also tells us whether it's National Hammock Day or Raspberry Cake Day, or whatever. Thanks for brightening up our mornings, Wayne!

  • Andrew Scheinthal


    We added Andrew because someone at another station said he'd probably like it if we did. Andrew was raised in Texas and went to school in Boston before joining the WVII news team last year. Now he's the weekend anchor along with the awesome Kristen Hosfelt!  If he could only remember where he left the news truck.

  • Tim Throckmorton


    The sports guru of eastern Maine. Throck, as he's known to his legions of fans and friends, has longevity, an authoritative presentation, and a knowledge of all things sports. Damn, this guy is cool. We're guessing that he's never felt the need to wear a cup.

  • Chris Weimer


    Our intern Emily (who provided extensive research for this project) found Chris Weimer way up north at WAGM in Presque Isle. We just had to include him after missing the boat on fellow NewsSource 8 member Angela Christoforos in our Favorite TV Newswoman poll.  Plus intern Emily started to giggle ferociously when she first saw his picture. That's gotta mean something.