As a Mainer, this will make you laugh to yourself a little... maybe, even, give you a hearty chuckle.  And, then, a sullen, quiet, slow rolling tear down your cheek.

Check out this video posted by Tommy Blaze Day on Facebook.  He shared a 20-second video in which he drives a road that crosses from New Hampshire into Maine. And, what is most outstanding is when he passes the state sign, the difference of the road from one state to the other is heartbreaking.

The video description is as follows:

Not sure what are taxes in maine are going towards but it's not infrastructure. NH roads vs. ME. Roads.

We hear you, Tommy.  It's been a memefest about the road conditions in Maine on Facebook the past month or so.  For some reason, they don't seem to get old... or less painful.

But, one things for sure, we need some friggin' roads fixed, Maine!

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