The heck with the National Weather Service, when Frankie says" order pizzas and order Chinese food", the s**t is gonna hit the fan!

A Winter Storm Watch has been posted for this Tuesday night through Wednesday night for "portions of Coastal Downeast, Interior Downeast, and the Penobscot Valley area of Maine", and we're now expecting 7+ inches of snow, sleet and freezing rain, according tot he NWS.

Of course when situations like this develop TV meteorologists statewide bolt from the gym to layer on the make up and spring into action in front of their green boards.  But hey, what do they know?

Not as much as our favorite Canadian weather guy, Frankie MacDonald!

When Frankie says "be prepared for 12 inches or more of snow", we know it's time to head down into the bunker with our cases of Coke and Pepsi!

As a matter of fact, "DO IT RIGHT NOW."

Thanks, Frankie!  We love ya man!



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