Now that pot is legal in Maine, do you ever wonder about those that have been arrested in the past because of it, and the ramifications that they continue to experience?

According to the Portland Press Herald, four Maine lawmakers are considering writing new bills for consideration, that would either erase a marijuana conviction from one's permanent record, or, seal that record so that prospective employers cannot see it.

Sen. James Dill, D-Orono, and Rep. Richard Farnsworth, D-Portland have both submitted separate bills that would essentially delete a conviction from record.

Rep. Justin  Fecteau, R-Augusta, and Rep. Rachel Talbot Ross, D-Portland, have each sponsored bills that would seal a conviction, hiding it from the public and also future employers.

Of course in all instances, many things would have to be taken into consideration, including the seriousness of the crime.

Marijuana was legalized by voters in Maine way back in November of 2016.  The process of allowing businesses to sell pot in Maine continues on.


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