We asked our I-95 listeners which parking lots in the area really made them hold on tight to the steering wheel and hope for the best, and being local drivers ourselves, we were not surprised by the results.

Before we get started, let's look at what Vicki had to say, because she pretty much summed it up!

Now we agree with what Wes had to say below about the parking lot at the Brewer Shopping Center, it's just downright scary!  It seems that once you pull in there's no normal flow, cars are coming at your from all directions, and you just haven't lived until you've narrowly missed a collision with a teenager staring straight ahead while talking on the phone. Whoops, there goes the eggs.

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Google Maps

At times we wonder which particular drug the engineer that devised the parking lot for the Maine Coast Mall in Ellsworth was on.  We picture him sitting there at night in front of his draft board madly devising paved turns and circles, sending traffic in this direction and that, putting stop signs here and there, and just gladly causing mass confusion. "Yeah, that'll teach them.  Let's see if they can get their coffee now", he would say under his breath. What a maze.  This mad man must have had something to do with Myrick Street out by the Ellsworth Wal-Mart as well, as it had to have come from the same devious mind.

Below, Jasmine brings up a good point that we've always wondered about, the diagonal lines in the Brewer WalMart parking lot.  Seems you better be driving a certain way in order to pull in correctly.  This confuses us, because we're just like a lot of other people, we don't like to think when we're driving.

Susan shares our frustration by voicing her opinion below about the parking lot at Kohl's, Old Navy, and Bed, Bath & Beyond off Stillwater Avenue in Bangor. Miss a turn and it's round the bend again for you! We gone in circles for hours just to reach our destination, because the food at the Texas Roadhouse is worth it.

Dawn mentioned the Somerset plaza in Pittsfield, "The traffic follows no pattern so there is no clear answer to who has the right of way." Greg gave us his opinion about the parking lot at Hannaford in Old Town, "The layout for exiting sucks and it seems that nobody there has been taught how a 3 way stop works." Sarah reminded us about Trader Joe's in Portland, a place that we've actually made many road trips to. "The parking lot is way too small for the amount of people that visit that store", Sarah said on Facebook.

But the flooding issue in the lot at Walmart off Stillwater Avenue in Bangor was brought up numerous times, almost so often that the next time we venture out there on a rainy day we expect to see grocery carts filled with "twos", just like Noah's ark, which apparently no one is ever going to collect and bring back to the store.

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