Got a problem? Get some help.  It's there if you want it.

This past weekend a batch of heroin making it's way through the Downeast area caused numerous overdoses.  Luckily enough, no one died, this time.

This seems like a good time to remind everyone of Project HOPE, a program that's offered up by the Ellsworth Police Department and Healthy Acadia.

Project HOPE, short for Heroin Opiate Prevention Effort, is a one-of-a-kind service in this area helps connect a person, maybe you, who is struggling with an addiction with treatment centers, detox facilities or support services.  It's been known to save lives.

Here's how it works, and the biggest thing to remember, besides that people are waiting just to help YOU, is that YOU WILL NOT BE ARRESTED!  No one is going to hurt you in anyway.  All they will do is offer help and guidance.  The decisions will be yours.

Walk into the Ellsworth Police Department any Tuesday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. and tell the dispatcher in the booth why you're there.  A police officer will then do an initial interview with you.  By the way, this is where you could surrender any drugs you may want to be rid of without any repercussions.

Then, a Project HOPE 'Angel' will help get you into a treatment center, detox facility or other support service. Everyone is different, which is why Project HOPE works with individuals one-on-one to find the best help for them.  This is a free service for you.

Take the first step to help yourself.  If you know of someone who is struggling, maybe have a talk with them about this wonderful service that is available in our area.

You can read more about Project HOPE and even message them via Facebook HERE.





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