Mainers are known for being unique, thrifty, and sometimes just plain weird. This is all evident by looking at lawns as you drive around the state. 

Amanda McDonald, Townsquare Media
Amanda McDonald, Townsquare Media

Tires, and toilets, and rusty things, OH MY! Here are some of the uncommon items found as lawn art or decor for Mainers:

1. Old Machinery

Mainer's know tractors, lawn mowers, plows and general metal machinery doesn't last forever. But when you use farm equipment as much as Mainers you may get a little attached to it. This could be why Mainers memorialize their rusty friends on their lawns.

2. Tires

Tires a one of those things that you can't burn to dispose of, so why not throw it on the lawn for decor. Some people even paint their tires fun colors and intentionally make them into flower beds.

3. Odd Sculptures

No matter what part of the state you are in you will see some lawn oddities including sculptures carved by chainsaws, metal monsters made from rusty nick-knacks, and large versions of small things, like the Coke Can in Kenduskeag seen above!

4. Rusty Vehicles

Similar to old machineary above, Mainers get attached to their vehicles that get them from here to there on frost heaved roads and into the backwoods. Mainers are also resourseful so if one car dies you leave it on the lawn in case you need to borrow a part from it in the future. We admit it is cool to see the varity of vehicles on lawns in Maine. Everything from old T-Birds to school buses!

5. Toilets

This is a great lawn decoration for homeowners with a sense of humor. Many people plant flowers in the toilet bowls or just let nature take over. This is even a lawn display in Waldo County with two lawn toilets facing an old wooden TV! Talk about creativity!

What else do Mainer's decorate their lawns with? We may add it to the list!

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