If you want to try a winter sport that still has you on your bike, check out fat tire biking.  It's basically riding a bike in the snow, except your tires are outfitted to tackle a snow-covered trail with a wider, girthier size.

There are some special spots around the state that encourage fat tire bikers, even though you could go do it anywhere there is a trail.

Here are a few places you can go in Maine to try this winter sport out for yourself.

1. Bethel Village Trails in Bethel

There are 29 trails for Mountain Biking in this location and 28 trails for Nordic skiing. The primary trail type is cross-country. Get your trail pass and check out the maps and conditions on their website.

2. Pineland Farms in New Gloucester

5,000 acres of woodlands and fields at this location with winter activities including cross country skiing, snowshoeing, fat biking, sledding, and skating. Check out the trails and conditions at the PinelandFarms.org website.

3. The Sugarloaf Outdoor Center in Carrabassett Valley

Winter activities at this location include nordic skiing, fat biking, sno-go skibiking, and more. Check out the Mountain report and plan your visit at the SugarLoaf.com website.

4. Carter's Cross Country Ski Centers in Bethel

This location does fat tire bike rentals, which will need to be reserved in advance. You'll need to call them to ensure trail conditions are good for fat biking and check out their website for the trail map and snow report

5. Oxbow Beer Garden in Oxford

Yeah, you read that right- a Nordic skiing trail system adjacent to a beer garden. You can rent your Nordic skis, fat bikes and snowshoes at this location. Check out the trail maps and check out the menu at the OxbowBeer.com website.

6. Robert's Farm in Norway

This location offers 7 miles of groomed trails and includes a warming hut. Check out the trails on their website WFLTMaine.org.

If you are looking for a local resource and advice for fat biking in Maine, consider checking out the Maine Winter Fat Bike Conditions and Trails Public Group on Facebook. The group is 1,500 people strong and could provide valuable insight and recommendations for your future Fat Bike experiences.

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