They say that the best way to a person's heart is through their stomach. These Bangor area eateries may be long gone, but many of us still hold memories of these restaurants close to heart.

We recently asked our Facebook followers and our listeners what Bangor area restaurants that they were most disappointed to see to close over the years.  So according to the comments that we received, these are the most missed:


  • 1

    Miller's Red Lion

    This restaurant on Main Street was a big hit with both city residents and out-of-towners alike. The once famous buffet and salad bar was loved by those attending the high school basketball tournament or making the yearly pilgrimage to the Bangor to shop.

  • 2

    Captian Nick's

    This restaurant on Union Street out by the Airport Mall was popular for seafood and steaks, and the train car that housed part of the eaterie.

  • 3

    Murphy's Steakhouse

    Maybe the most popular restaurant at one time sat on the hill on outer Wilson Street in Brewer.  Of course, the place was known for it's steaks, and was mobbed most weekends.

  • 4


    The national chain steakhouse that once stood out on Union Street was mentioned very often. Bonanza would later become Rustler's, which would eventually become the Union Street Laundromat.

  • 5

    Perry's Clam Shack

    Taking you way back- Perry's Clam Shack once stood on Main Street where Shaw's supermarket now is.  People mentioning Perry's said that they served up the best fried clams ever!

  • 6

    York Steakhouse

    This steakhouse opened with the Bangor Mall way back when.  It was a cafeteria style thing, where one grabbed a tray and went down the line, stopping briefly to actually watch your steak cook.

  • 7

    Pilot's Grill

    The iconic Pilot's Grill once out on Hammond Street in Bangor served up more than those that flew into Bangor International Airport.  Probably the item that it is now most known for is, it's cheese spread.

  • 8

    Paul's Restaurant

    Paul's once was where Longhorn Steakhouse now is, off Hogan Road. It truly was a family style restaurant, which is now a dying breed.  Known for it's old style decor, and the waiter that dressed and looked like Oliver Hardy.

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