If those fireworks being shot off over the pond don't light up the night sky, then this will.

A nearly full Buck Moon will magically appear over the eastern horizon when the sun sets this July 4th, and then at 12:44 the following morning it will be glowing at a full 100%!

While most municipalities in the state, including both Bar Harbor and Bangor, have cancelled this year's Independence Day fireworks displays, Mother Nature will pick up the slack and illuminate the night sky.

In the days preceding and then following this Saturday night the moon will be at about 98%, and it's pretty much guaranteed that the average Joe on the street can't tell the difference between 98 and 100%.  But a full Buck Moon on the night of July 4th is what makes it so very special.

So, why do those in the know call it a "Buck" moon?  Because it's named for when a young male deer, a buck, begins to develop antlers.  Man, you learn something new everyday day.

This month's full moon is also called a Thunder Moon, Hay Moon and a Wort Moon.  Wort Moon?  Yes, "Wort" is an old English word that means " a herbaceous plant, especially those used as food or medicinally."

We'll keep calling this month's full moon a Buck Moon, just because we can.

As of this writing, the National Weather Service is calling for mostly sunny days both this Saturday and Sunday with high temperatures around 80 degrees.  Saturday night may have a few clouds in it with a "slight" chance of a shower.  Let's hope they're right!

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