If you thought sharks with freaking lasers were scary, how about sharks in Maine rivers?

This ugly-looking things gives a whole new meaning to river monster.

Sand Tiger Shark

According to the Bangor Daily News, this is a sand tiger shark. It was caught by a charter that was close to the mouth of the Marsh River as they hunted for striped bass on the Sheepscot River.

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Google Maps

The Bangor Daily News spoke to a member of the charter boat, who told the paper they originally thought the animal was a sturgeon. However, to their surprise, it was this nasty-looking shark. According to the paper, the sand tiger shark was nearly 4 feet long, with an estimated weight of 40 to 50 pounds.

Well, this isn't scary at all. Just a giant-toothed shark lurking in a river in Maine. Now, it is a brackish river, so that could explain how it got so far inland. But, it doesn't exactly ease the nerves.

Sand Tiger Shark Habitat

So, where exactly did this sand tiger shark come from? Probably not from very far away. According to the Virginia Aquarium, the sharks do live in the Gulf of Maine, though mostly in the southern region. However, the aquarium says they tend to look for warmer waters, especially during the summer breading season.

As for how scary the sand tiger shark is? Not very. According to the Bangor Daily News, the sharks are more known for being docile and lethargic, with very little to no aggression shown towards humans. Not exactly. Mr. Tough Guy, am I right?

However, it is still a story about a shark in a Maine river, and that is nightmare fuel, no matter what the scenario is.

On a more serious note, this species is on the endangered list, categorized as "critically endangered." You can read more about conversation of the animal here.

But, still...it's a shark in a river. That's a legit horror movie.

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