A company in Guilford called Puritan Medical Products has suddenly found itself in the limelight. As tests for COVID-19 are becoming more widely available, testing swabs are becoming a bit of a hot ticket, along with most other coronavirus related healthcare items, such as N95 masks and other proper PPE's.

Right now, the demand for swabs is becoming so great, Puritan needs more equipment, and about 30 more employees. Sourcing raw materials to make them hasn't been as difficult, but proper staff and tools has been a different story. Here's what Timothy Templet, co-owner of Puritan’s parent company, Hardwood Products, said to the BDN:

It’s just staggering: the call volumes, the purchase-order volumes, the conversations with many government agencies and the higher-ups in the big distribution chains.

Supplies of the much needed swabs seem to be getting low near and far. Hopefully, despite a few legal setbacks the company is facing internally, Puritan can continue to crank out these important testing tools. And if you live around Piscataquis County, and need some money, they sound like they'd like to talk to you!

Thanks to Puritan Medical Products for all they're doing to help the world in this crazy time.

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