Ayuh, dropping the R from the word car and then adding it to the end of pizza apparently gets us all a-tither.

A recent article by BigSevenTravel.com lists The Top 50 Sexiest Accents in America-Ranked, and after some pretty stiff competition, Maine's infamous accent comes out listed at #4.

Now while we here in the Pine Tree State appreciate a honest to God "thick" Maine accent, one that drops the letter R from the end of most words, one that reaches way down within one's throat when emphasizing the letter O, and one that ends each and every sentence on an up note - we honestly have never heard it described as being sexy. Even with the lights off.

Hearing a Mainer call someone a "son of a whore" ain't exactly like hearing a French actress purr her way to a free drink. It does nothing for most of us.

Maybe because we're so used to it.

Although, we can certainly tell the difference between a real Maine accent and a fake one. We cringe and recede when a Hollywood actor gets it wrong and then go limp while listening to local comedians like Tim Sample and Bob Marley when they exaggerate it.

But we keep producing babies, so saying stuff like "evidently" and "wicked" often while using phrases like "don't go getting ugly" seem to be good enough to keep the generations advancing.

Maine's sexy accent was beat out by a New Yorker's at #3, a Bostonian's at #2, and then a Texan's accent at #1.

Maybe a Texan would think that Maine should be #1 after a couple of drinks.

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