As folks start thinking about gift-giving and stocking stuffers, there's actually a way in which you can do both of those things, while also helping out a great local cause, too.

It's no secret that the City of Bangor has been dealing with a housing crisis of sorts for some time now. Local non-profit, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Bangor, has been working tirelessly to help with that effort, for decades.

Habitat For Humanity Greater Bangor ReStore
Habitat For Humanity Greater Bangor ReStore

"Habitat for Humanity of Greater Bangor has worked in partnership with volunteers and low-income families since 1989 to build 21 simple, decent houses in the local community. Habitat's affordable house payments free up money for food, child care, medicine, and other necessities. "

Last year, the organization came up with a fun fundraising effort to help raise money for the cause. They teamed up with the Darling's Auto Group and called the effort the "HabiTAP Passport Program."

Habitat For Humanity HabiTap1, Rebecca Parent
Habitat For Humanity HabiTap1, Rebecca Parent

The premise is pretty simple: Buy passports and give them away as gifts. Those who get a passport get one complimentary beer at each of the 10 participating breweries.

Angelika Kagan

You're supporting local businesses while supporting local families to obtain affordable housing.

Habitat For Humanity HabiTap1, Rebecca Parent
Habitat For Humanity HabiTap1, Rebecca Parent

Habitat says the HabiTAP passport sales raised over $11,000 towards the mission last year and organizers would like to see that double this year,

This year's participating breweries include:

  • Marsh Island Brewing
  • Orono Brewing in Orono
  • Orono Brewing in Bangor
  • Penobscot Bay Brewery
  • Sea Dog Brewing
  • Bissell Brothers Three Rivers
  • 2 Feet Brewing
  • Masons Brewing
  • Geaghans Brewing

We're also told there will be some breweries will be hosting some HabiTAP-related events.

attachment-Habitat ReStore Infographic, Habitat For Humanity Greater Bangor Area

You can purchase the passports straight from the Habitat For Humanity of Greater Bangor website.

All of the proceeds raised from the HabiTAP Passports go directly to help building efforts for the Habitat for Humanity Great Bangor.

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