I know, I know. We're not even to Halloween yet, so why am I about to talk about Santa?

Happy Santa

Well, because the sooner your kiddo sends out their letter to Santa, the sooner they can get one back from him!

Here's the deal...this year, the very kind folks at the United States Postal Service are going to be doing their best to make sure the letters kids send out to Santa make it out the the big guy himself in time for him to send a reply!

Townsquare Media Bangor, Sarah Nickerson
Townsquare Media Bangor, Sarah Nickerson

"Operation Santa" is happening right now and will run until November 20th. This is a program that's been around for over a hundred years now, believe it or not!

"Every year, thousands of families send letters to Santa at the North Pole. The USPS Operation Santa® program makes it possible for people to adopt and respond to these letters, fulfilling the holiday wishes of children and families across the country.

Letters addressed to Santa’s official address are sorted, read, and published on the USPS Operation Santa® website with personal information redacted. Adopters are then able to browse and select letters they love and respond with a gift and a note."

Wavebreakmedia, ThinkStock
Wavebreakmedia, ThinkStock

According to the Operation Santa website, if you need some pointers, tips, or even to learn how to address a letter, you can find all of that information right through the site.

You'll definitely want to remember to put your name and full address on the letter and double-check that you have the correct postage, so it's guaranteed to get to Santa.

MrIncredible, ThinkStock
MrIncredible, ThinkStock

And in case you didn't have Santa's address handy, they do include that, too.

123 Elf Road
North Pole, 88888"

Get those thoughts together, put them down in a letter, and send them out to Santa soon!

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