Steven Boddy and his family have lived on Garland Road in Corinth since 2018. They used to only ever have about five trick-or-treaters come by their house on Halloween.

"We're kind of rural. We're out there." Then they got the brilliant idea to come up with a Halloween Light Display worthy of a drive outside of town.

Halloween Lights 2020 1, Steven Boddy
Halloween Lights 2020 1, Steven Boddy

"...we want them to enjoy going out, seeing the cool displays that are around. Because that's part of the fun of the holidays."

Boddy's Holiday Lights Display is located at 99 Garland Road in Corinth, and folks who pull up in front of the house can listen to the different songs by programming their vehicle radios to 92.1 FM.

They started when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, with just over a thousand lights.
"What we came up with is a show that does six songs, with a singing pumpkin, lights [about 1500 of them] that are programmed to the music."

Halloween Lights 2022 1, Steven Boddy
Halloween Lights 2022 1, Steven Boddy

They added more the next year, and the year after that.

This year, it's gotten even bigger!

"Just over 5000 lights. We have expanded by adding 11 new props. We doubled the spider and bat props and we have added 2 more singing elements to go with our singing pumpkin. We also put in a couple of Tombstones as well."

Corinth Halloween Lights 2023, K&C Company DJ Service
Corinth Halloween Lights 2023, K&C Company DJ Service

"We have seen foot traffic increase the last two years so we are hoping the word spreads so this season will be the busiest yet. We are still choosing the music for this year's show but we will have at least a 20-minute experience. If you have seen the online pictures, you will see that it doesn't reflect how cool it is to see it in person."

The Boddy's Light Display will officially open on Friday, Oct 20th at 6 p.m. and run nightly until 10 p.m.

"Tune your radio to 92.1 FM. On Halloween, we will be passing out candy to the kids, young and old. We want to stress that this event was created to have an activity that families can do together."

"Please be respectful of my neighbors and not block their driveways. You can get a taste of the show by searching for Garland Rd. Lightshow on YouTube."

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