Seems like the older we get the more we get to say goodbye for now to the  people and pets we love.  Well , here is a sort of new and beautiful way to keep a bit of them with you.I say kind of new because Artful Ashes has been around since 2012 in Seattle WA.

I have always been a lover of glass of all kinds and that is most likely one of the reasons this caught my eye. Now of course it only works when the pet or person in question has been cremated or that would be creepy.   What will amaze you if you love glass is how beautiful they look.

In  researching these on the internet to find an approximate cost said the memorials are approximately 3 ½ by 3 ½ inches and 14 ounces of solid glass art and the price range is about $145 - $185.00 each


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