Kirstie Alley, star of 'Cheers' and ' Look Who's Talking' 1, 2, and 3, has sold her home in Islesboro. She's lived at least part time on the island since the 90's when she was a the height of her fame. She also had a respectable stint a few years back on 'Dancing With the Stars'.

Although, according to the BDN, just like for everyone these days, the coronavirus tried to interfere with her moving plans. But since Alley takes COVID-19 very seriously, she went so far as to charter a private plane that had been thoroughly cleaned, rented a car that had been empty for a month, and had gloves and a mask on the whole time through all of her travelling.

She hopes to be able to return regularly to Islesboro, and feels very connected to it's residents. She shared a heartfelt message with residents via Facebook.

I love Islesboro and will miss you all. My family and I have had some of the most memorable times of our lives here. We hope to return for more summers in the future. To any of you here who have touched our lives, thank you.

Alley has a lot of history with the community for sure, and it seems like residents will truly be sad to see her go. And I think that's why there's a lot of famous people with homes here. John Travolta also lives there, Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek fame lives in Belfast. And I feel like there's some famous author from Maine...

I don't blame them. It's a cool state to live in. I know I feel pretty fortunate to live here. But if I see Jonathan Frakes in Belfast ever, I am gonna fan-boy out. Just sayin'.

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