If you've been to a Bangor Symphony Orchestra concert in the last 65 years, chances are, you'd recognize percussionist Bill Miller. He's been playing music with the BSO since the late 1950s.

According to the Bangor Symphony Facebook Page, Miller's getting ready to set his sticks aside, and retire from the percussion game, and this weekend he'll say his final farewell.

"Having played under 7 of the BSO's 10 music directors, and having devoted countless hours to all things BSO in his lifetime, words do not suffice when it comes to encapsulating a career like Billy's. We are grateful most of all for the joy he has brought to audiences, and will miss his one of a kind presence on the BSO stage."

 It's pretty incredible to think about all the of the audiences he's performed for, and all of the music he's played over his multiple decades with the organization.
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The Bangor Symphony Website says Miller started his career with the BSO in 1957.
"In addition to his role as a musician, at various points he served as a board member, personnel manager, and fund-raiser for the BSO. Between his commitments to the BSO, the Bangor Band, and Miller Drug, Miller is a true Bangor icon known for his generosity and spirited devotion to the community."
Music Director Lucas Richman was quoted on the site as saying, "We are grateful for Billy’s unparalleled service to the BSO and most importantly, the joy he has brought to Bangor audiences for 65 years. There is no one like Billy Miller, and the orchestra will simply not be the same without him."
Aside from his position with the Bangor Symphony Orchestra, Miller is best known as the owner of Miller Drug, which he's also run since 1957.
Miller's last concert with the BSO will be Sunday, April 10, 3 pm at the Collins Center for the Arts. We wish Miller the best of luck in his retirement from the organization.

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