Everything costs way more right now, everywhere.

I don't have to tell anyone that. We've all been grocery shopping, or trying to find deals wherever possible. But the fact of the matter is, everything is over-the-top expensive right now. Whether it be pandemic related supply chain issues, or the war in Ukraine, Mainers are being squeezed where it counts a lot these days.

Gas is crazy. Heating oil is crazy. Everywhere you turn, it seems like someone is grabbing a little more out of your wallet. But in some cases, Maine actually has laws in place to protect you from such things. But according to the Sun Journal, folks around Maine have noticed Walgreens is grabbing a bit more than they should by law.

Check your receipt next time you grab a bottled beverage.

In Maine, state law says that businesses can front load a bottle return fee of 5 cents. We all know that. We all take back our Clynk bags, or hit the redemption centers... We know what the deal is. Recently however, folks began to look at their Walgreens slips, and noticed Walgreens was imposing a 15 cent bottle deposit.

Maine law specifically forbids businesses from charging extra on this deposit charge. A Sun Journal reporter purchased a beverage, checked the slip, and sure enough... 15 cent fee on deposit. When the reporter questioned the store manager, that person said it was a company wide policy, and there was nothing they could do.

Walgreens is aware of the problem and are working to correct it.

How long will that take? That's unclear. Some stores have gone so far as to say that you can bring the receipt back and they'll make good on the other 10 cents. So far, it doesn't appear the state has levied any fines or sanctions against Walgreens, but the state law says they could be charged $100 fine, per day.

Obviously, this isn't an amount of money that would break the bank, but folks around Maine are already feeling quite a pinch, and this just feels like salt in the wound. All parties involved say the issue is being addressed, it just may take some time to straighten out. In the meantime, try that rusty, old soda machine down the hall...


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