When I caught a story about this Seattle based all girl AC/DC cover band I thought no way this could be good. However, AC/DC fan that I am I had to check it out and I confess I was blown away.

The article that revealed Hell's Belles to me was TDN and they wrote:

The Seattle band, formed in 2000 by former members Amy Stolzenbach and Om Johari, has performed all around the United States, Canada, Singapore and Japan.

The group doesn’t just play AC/DC’s classic hits. They dress up and perform in character as the legendary Australian hard rock band, according to lead guitarist Adrian Conner, who performs as the iconic Angus Young.

Check this out. You won't believe how much the lead chick sounds like Bon or Brian. No lie. And just as a side note their guitar player rocks the school outfit in a way no one of the guys would ever be able to pull off.

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