Why? Why would anyone do this?

The Town Of Hermon Fire Department put up a request for help on its Facebook Page Monday morning:

They were asking for assistance from the public in finding out more information on some vandalism that may have occurred late Sunday night.

"American flags and Service flags were taken off of residents' property in Hermon Meadows apartments and BURNED in the driveway. Additional vandalism was done to a resident's home in an adjoining neighborhood. Area video cameras are being studied in hopes of identifying the perpetrators."

Hermon's Interim Town Manager Josh Berry was in disbelief when commenting on the incident.

"We don't usually deal with this sort of thing out here, but it has happened," said Berry.

Berry says while the town has seen its share of what he'd call normal adolescent behavior, this seemed different.

"I mean we do have it occasionally. It's usually not as destructive as this. Typically we see the usual adolescent pranks or things of that nature, but it's very rare that we see actual property vandalized."

He says authorities believe the vandalism may have taken place between 10 PM and 11:30 PM at the corner of Billings and Fuller Road in Hermon, on the Town Office side of the apartments.

Authorities are currently looking for anyone who might have seen any activity in that area at around that time Sunday evening. They are also looking at security cameras in the area.

"It does look like we picked up a couple of folks on the camera system we have here at the town office, so I think they are working on trying to identify just who that may be."

Berry said he hopes that anyone who does have information will come forward. You can call either the Penobscot County Sheriff's Department or the Town Office with details.

He also recommends that homeowners in that general area take a look around to make sure they didn't sustain any damage to their properties that they may not yet be aware of.

"They may not even know it yet, to be honest. If they had a flag out or something and were quick out the door to work this morning, you know, they may not even be aware of it."

He says folks in the Town Of Hermon should be looking out for one another.

"Be vigilant. Keep an eye out. If there's a different type of behavior in the neighborhood, let us know, so we can at least put some focus on that."

And Berry says at a town level, Hermon is on the case.

"We definitely want to relay the message that everyone here-- fire, sheriff, other municipal employees-- we are doing everything we can to find out what went on, who did it, and what steps we can take to prevent it, moving forward."

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