Why? Why are you so angry?

You spar back and forth to no avail and with no end in sight within the fairy tale lands of Facebook and Twitter. You disparage and tear apart those that you disagree with and then wish ill will upon them. You press the gas peddle down into the floor and leave everyone else in the dust, and you may even make a scene in a public place while screaming and threatening the innocent.


Are you that important? Is your existence on this planet imperative? Is what you have to say the final word?

You were brought into this world with a heart, and an open mind. Everyone in the delivery room that day didn't see a chip on your shoulder. It wasn't there at the start. What happened?

The world may have thrown you a few curve balls lately, although none like were thrown at those before us, when chambers were filled with gas and two big bombs exploded.

Maybe you've been influenced by those that preach "it's my way or the highway."

Or, maybe it's the lack of eye contact and responsibility within social media.

Whatever it may be, remember that anger can be squelched with thought, and then kindness. Both may take some effort at this point, but those two things can go a long way in making everyone's life a little better, most importantly yours.

Say hello to your neighbor, forgive a mistake on the road, open a door for someone, and know that your co-worker has to be there at work as well.

COVID-19 may be new but the saying "we are all in this together" really isn't. That general rule of life has been there since the beginning, whether you knew it or not.

We are different in many ways. Realize that. Then, do yourself a favor and agree to disagree.

You are fortunate enough to live in a country where there is running water, electricity, food in the fridge, the average house is 2,386 square feet big, and you are freely able to give your opinion. So express it, but let others have theirs as well.

It is completely okay to disagree. You won't be the worse for it. There is no price to pay.

After all, that's what the United States of America is all about.

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