Well, this really comes as no surprise.

Yes, certain media organizations have far too much time on their hands. Groups of employees sit around behind rows of computers frantically scouring the internet and checking and then rechecking Google trends for all sorts of things that are the most popular across the country, while the rest of us just blindly go through life day after day.

Today's "most popular state by state" post concerns horror movies and scary television series, and which is the most talked about for Halloween.  A company called Comparitech used the top 90 horror movies listed by IMDb, and measured who was talking about what film or TV series online, and where that particular who is.

Got that?  Didn't think so.  But we're pulling for ya.

So what are Mainers talking about when it comes to horror online?  Is it the new NetFlix series The Haunting of Bly Manor?  Nope.  Although we personally are watching that and well, trying to like it.

Is it The Walking Dead, Stranger Things or American Horror Story?  No, none of those.

The horror movie or scary television series that Mainers seem to dig most was of course written by the state's very own hometown hero and master of all horror writers, Stephen King.  Yes, fans of clowns, storm drains and red balloons will be happy to know that movies is IT (2017).

The other King movie for Halloween was The Shining, which came out on top in Colorado.  The Walking Dead and the Halloween movie from 1978 also was top of mind across the country.


So there you go, put something plastic down on the couch, sit on it, and watch one of these movies this Saturday night.

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