When I sat down to write this, obviously there were about 463 jokes that went through my brain. In fact, I re-wrote the title at least half a dozen times. Why? Because, the image you see here, is the humor, all in itself. But the story that goes with it, is really what put the big smile on my face.

Listener Heather Irish Gooley, reached out via Facebook, and initially just sent the photos along, with a quick description. I thought they were hilarious, and that's when all the booty jokes in my head began. I think my best unused headline was "This Jill-O-Lantern Needs Its Own Maxim Cover." But Heather and I swapped a couple more emails, as I was getting permission to use the photos.

Photo: Heather Irish Gooley
Photo: Heather Irish Gooley

She was telling me all about this double-barrel holiday gourd coming from the mighty Corinth, Maine and about how she'd been sharing it with a bunch of friends, and how they were all having a great laugh about it. The part that really made my day though, was her talking about originally taking the photo for a friend who is going through treatment for breast cancer.

She just thought it was a fun thing to do to cheer up a friend. And then wanted to just share it with other people, so they could enjoy some good, old-fashioned fun. At no one's expense. Just for laughs.

As Heather said in her message, "With so much negativity in the world right now, why not use a pumpkin to make a few laughs?" It just proves that you can take a look at something as silly as this picture, and still not even fully realize that someone else may have really needed that laugh.

So yeah. The real joke here, is on me. I can't outdo the pumpkin. I'm not even gonna try.

Well, I did come up with that one sweet headline ...

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