Let's face it; we're all afraid of something. For some, their fears are actual, tangible things, like bugs. For others, they fear things they know aren't necessarily real, like monsters, but it's no less scary for them. And yet others fear the possibility of what "could" happen.

I have fears in all 3 of these categories...and an overactive imagination...so that's a fun combination!

But for the sake of this conversation, I'll give you my top 3 fears, in no particular order; heights, small spaces and creep dolls.

I asked you to weigh in with what scares you the most. And you did not disappoint!

Brad Rice Creepy Dolls.
Joe Holton  Brad Rice, I’m with ya, the Guest room in my Nana’s house had some of those creepy dolls on the bed when the bed was made up thankfully I never slept in that room. I recently found a package of pictures that belonged to my Nana all of the pictures were of those old Fashioned Dolls with the Creepy faces and eyes. Those photos are going into my paper Shredder! I'm scared of Bats  and Rats .
Jen Megquier Snakes. I hate them. Big or little. My worst fear is touching one or worse yet, it wrapping around my ankle.
Aaron Hart Bugs. And crazy people. Crazy bug people.
Paul Keezer Mothers sitting In a rocking chair near an upstairs window....yeap...........enough said...right there.
Justin Choiniere Paranormal bothers me. I used to live in a farmhouse for 3 years, in Palmyra that was on the show Paranormal witness Season 3 episode 9 (unbeknownst to me until after I moved out) Not cool. How about one time, at 2 am, while sleeping in the loft of the house, the TV comes on in the living room. I shut it off, return to bed. While drifting off to sleep, my door flies open, room gets super cold, and an unseen hand slaps the pillow next to my head. Was close enough to feel the wind, like a hand going by my face. Needless to say, I freaked!
Bob Hatch Biden/Harris, in the White House! 
Jennifer Roy I totally agree with you! I would ad clowns to the dolls and heights eeeek
Cathy PrescotHeights and rats
Kari Jo Davis Cathy Prescott oh yes... me too, snakes and spiders im ok, show me a mouse, it's over. Eeek! Oddly enough, I love paranormal, horror, true crime and mystery all intrigues me. To think you're going to pack me into a tight spot, think again, I'm so claustrophobic! I think I'd become the incredible hulk and cause real damage... 
Brian Bent Bad health.
 Kate Boyington Goblin king
Mary Klein Drouin Clowns***** Heights Tight, closed in spaces Mice and rats
Margaret Siemerling Rodents!
Matthew Stauffer Growing up, there was an episode of "are you afraid of the dark" that had this horrible orange skeleton living in a pool. That SOB haunted me for years
No photo description available.
Aisling Doucette Rats ugh nasty. They give me nightmares and everything just seeing pictures it’s really bad
Megan Bridges Bees, wasps, anything that stings. Pain. Also I am terrified of ordering food in a drive thru.I have been working on it all my life so I'm not as bad as I used to be. I got over my fear of shots when I was about 25. That was a bad one!
Becky Sutherland My mother 
Cory Plaisted Falling
Linda Memaw Boone It would have to be the unknown.
Doug Springer Snakes.
Sheena Turner Spiders and sharks
Wendy Clewley Spiders are terrifying,Also those bugs everyone is talking about now that are like stink bugs!!
Greg Miller Something happening to my kids (even though they're now adults)
Cheryl McManus Spiders
Sunshine I'm scared to death of needles, snakes, n spiders. So needless to say getting to flu shot earlier this week was an ordeal and a half.
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